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Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

The people you want to reach are on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These websites connect people - allowing them to interact, share photos and links, read reviews and write recommendations. Research shows 44% of social media users are between 35 and 54 years old. Facebook Twitter and G+ for Chiropractors
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"Successful chiropractic social media marketing can help you reach a wider audience of potential patients and is rapidly replacing traditional search engine optimization strategies."

A successful social media presence requires that you post regularly; consistently sharing engaging content that other users will want to share. If youʼre running a practice, itʼs sometimes hard to find the time.

ChiroSocial Is Your Answer for Social Media Management

ChiroPlanetʼs new social media management service handles everything for you, including: Branding, Facebook page creation, Twitter account creation, and G+ page creation. You get measurable results, full control of all accounts, and unlimited tech support.

"ChiroSocial handles
everything for you

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  • CHIROSOCIAL's Managed Social Media Marketing Includes:
  • Seamless Branding for your practice with professionally branded designs.
  • Facebook fan page creation, design and optimization.
  • Twitter account creation, design and optimization.
  • Google+ page creation, design and optimization.
  • Measurable Results via Facebook Insights.
  • Full Control of all accounts.
  • Unlimited Phone Support, webinars and training guides.

Consistent Design Across all Platforms

The preferred social media management service for chiropractors, ChiroSocial seamlessly brands your social media accounts with professional profile designs that visitors will remember.

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Engaging Content That Patients Want To Share!

Every week, we post engaging content to Facebook, Twitter and G+ thatʼs designed to create impressions for you. We generate “likes” while providing the vital consistency a successful social media presence requires. You can post your content to your accounts at any time - but we do it for you, no matter what.

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