Internet Marketing for Chiropractors

Canned vs. Fresh

Other companies charge you up to $700 a month for ʻcannedʼ social media content. Itʼs easy, but damaging to your online presence - because your
Twitter update matches your Facebook update... which matches your blog update... which matches countless other doctors across the web. These
ʻservicesʼ hurt your social media credibility. Which, ultimately, will hurt your search engine ranking.

ChiroPlanet offers a fresh alternative.

Convenience vs. Sustainability

Instead of making ridiculous promises and charging outrageous fees, we walk you through using easily available tools to put you in touch with your
existing and prospective patients. We empower you to create a solid, long term social media presence and convert online followers into real patients.

The Power to Grow

ChiroPlanetʼs Social Media and SEO web training seminars help you create exceptional online results, with no hidden fees.

In addition, our new 6G system puts you ahead of the Social Media curve by seamlessly integrating with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other
popular Social Media sources.

Add to that the power and personal touch of our E-Cards and Broadcast Emailer services and you have all the ingredients you need to turn a 98 lb.
internet weakling into a 900 lb web-monster.

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